When your child goes to a Tasmanian Government school you will find that there are costs that you will need to pay. These include levies, school uniforms, excursions and other costs associated with your child’s educational program.

If you are eligible, there are a number of financial assistance schemes available to assist you to cover costs.

Government Schools Levies and Charges

  1. In 2018, with consultation with the School Association it has been decided that levies this year will be increased by $50.00. This increase along with another $50.00 increase for next year will bring the school’s levies in line with other Department of Education schools.
  2. The Primary Levy covers all materials, stationery, curriculum related excursions and cultural performances for the year. *School Camps are not included in Levies.
  3. The Swimming Levy covers swimming programs offered as part of the curriculum for the entire year. It does not cover optional lunch time swimming.
  4. Library Bags are highly recommended to ensure books are carried to and from the Library as safely as possible.
  5. The School Office is open for uniform sales and payment of levies. We provide options for payment at the school office through Cash, Cheque, EFTPOS, credit card or BPay.



Department of Education

Student Assistance Scheme (STAS) 2018


How do I know if I am eligible to apply?


Parents/ guardians of, or independent students who are attending Kindergarten to Grade 12 students attending a Tasmanian State or a registered independent, non-government school. Students who have previously completed year 12 should check with their school.


To be eligible you and your partner’s total gross taxable income must be no more than the figures shown in the income test table below.


You must have a minimum 50% care of a child for them to be considered your dependent.


Part-time students in special circumstances may be eligible if an application is supported by a statement from a student counsellor.


Grandparents raising children are also eligible to apply and receive STAS.




Number of Dependent Children 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8*
Income per week $679 $781 $890 $1,006 $1,129 $1,266 $1,402 $1,544
Annual Parental Income# $35,308 $40,612 $46,280 $52,312 $58,708 $65,832 $72,904 $80,288
*For more than 8 children, add $143 per week or $7,436 per annum for each additional dependent.

#Gross Taxable Income


All information is considered highly confidential by the School.