Our Highschool classes range from year 7- year 10 with Senior Secondary yr 11 and 12 on an alternate timetable. We have straight grades in year 7-10 with students choosing elective subjects with 7&8 and 9&10 combining.


The timetable at Tasman District School is focused around student engagement and limiting transition times between classes. Our timetable has been set up to reflect three 100 minute blocks of lessons that cater for longer periods for deeper learning. We have found that transitioning between classes in the past wasted a significant amount of time especially when students had to move throughout the school. Our new timetable and core teaching model has meant that:

  • The teachers are moving to the students and the teachers have longer classes with students and more input into their overall core learning and development.
  • The students have their own home room which gives them ownership over the space where all their belongings are kept
  • There is a focus on developing the key relationships with core teachers

We have seen a huge increase in student engagement and achievement and a decrease in student disengagement over the past 12 months. With more emphasis on student self awareness, self regulation and higher engagement in learning students and staff are working together to develop key areas of growth for all students. All our students have undertaken the VIA Character survey and use this for their work with their Tutor Group teachers to work on personal goals and strengths.

Australian Curriculum

All Government schools in Tasmania have adopted the Australian Curriculum. Here is some extra information about what your child will be learning in each year of schooling from Year 7 – 10

Year 7 & 8

Year 9 & 10

Core Programs

  • HESS – History / English and Social Sciences
  • STEM – Science / Technology / Engineering and Maths
  • Health and Physical Education
  • My Education

All our staff use the Australian Curriculum to plan and implement quality teaching programs. Our staff collaborate to support student learning and plan for the needs of individual students who need support in extension or inclusion.

Elective or Option Classes

Our Option classes for students include the following :

  • Music

Students explore musical theory, history and substance through discussion, example and practical application. They develop technical and ensemble skills through playing an instrument in a class band.

  • 7/8 Visual Art

Students in Visual Art identify and analyse how other artists use visual conventions and viewpoints to communicate ideas and apply this knowledge in their art making. They explain how an artwork is displayed to enhance its meaning. They evaluate how they and others are influenced by artworks from different cultures, times and places.

Students plan their art making in response to exploration of techniques and processes used in their own and others’ artworks. They demonstrate use of visual conventions, techniques and processes to communicate meaning in their artworks.

  • 9/10 Visual Art

Students in Visual Art evaluate how representations communicate artistic intentions in artworks they make and view. They evaluate artworks and displays from different cultures, times and places. They analyse connections between visual conventions, practices and viewpoints that represent their own and others’ ideas. They identify influences of other artists on their own artworks.

Students manipulate materials, techniques and processes to develop and refine techniques and processes to represent ideas and subject matter in their artworks.

  • Design and Technology 7-10 (woodwork, metalwork)

Students are given the opportunity to design solutions for problems provided in a brief and then build their solution in the workshop. There is a focus on safe and sustainable practices as well as developing practical skills when working with resistant materials, particularly timber, metal and plastic. Design and technology students in higher grades will have opportunities to decide on their own design brief and projects they wish to pursue.

  • 9/10 Cafe

Students in the Café class will participate in the production and sale of food products. All profits will support the Secondary School Camp Program.

The Café class will operate in the school commercial kitchen producing a variety of lunch meals to order for school staff and secondary students.  The Café class will also hold regular cake stalls at recess and lunch for the whole school to purchase items. They will also be involved in catering jobs on an as requested basis.

  • 7/8 Home economics

Students learn basic food preparation and cooking skills, studying nutrition, hygiene and safe food handling whilst working cooperatively in a kitchen setting.

Students will be given the opportunity to learn skills to support success in the home including basic sewing, budgeting, cleaning and organisational skills.

  • Sustainable foods
  • Agriculture
  • Outdoor Education – Duke of Edinburgh
  • Digital Technologies 7-8

Students are introduced to a range on digital technologies with a focus on creating their own digital solution to a real world problem. This will include:

– Learning some basic coding in a variety of platforms

– Drawing and designing in both two and three dimensions using software

– Creating artefacts with both a 3D printer and laser cutter

– Animating and short movie making

Students will have an opportunity to develop and pursue at least one project of their own in an area of interest.

  • Science extended

In this class, students will be looking at the Scientific Method. They will devise a scientific hypothesis of their choice to test and then draw conclusions from their results. Their final Science Investigations will be entered in the UTas Science Investigation Awards where they can win up to $500 for themselves.

  • Flight Science



We have fantastic facilities which cater for a range of different subjects. Our staff are highly skilled and provide excellent options for students to be able to express their creativity and choose subjects of interest.

  • Workshop for woodwork and Metalwork
  • Music Room
  • Commercial Kitchen
  • Agriculture Centre
  • School Farm
  • Science Lab
  • Art Centre

Our students are also involved in community events and extra curricular activities that assist them in their personal and social development.

  • Wooden Boat Building with local community members
  • Local Soccer Clubs
  • Local Basketball Club
  • Cattle Handling – performing at local shows and competitions
  • Garlic Festival
  • Bream Creek Show
  • Springboard – Community engagement through Leadership, Enterprise and Sustainability
  • ANZAC Day

If you have any questions then please feel free to come and see our senior staff or make contact via the school office.