Our school is involved in the Launching into Learning Program for children aged 0-4 years.  Launching into Learning runs on a Friday morning and incorporates, physical movement, exploratory play and familiarisation with the school surrounds.

A program of activities is available from the school office.

Launching Into Learning excerpt from Department of Education Website

LiL provides resources to schools to develop and lead initiatives with families and their community to support children’s early learning prior to Kindergarten.  Schools focus on the needs of their community and make connections with other groups, services and agencies in the area.

LiL is based on the belief that parents are their child’s first, ongoing and often most influential teachers. Schools and families work together to give children the best start, leading to a smooth transition into Kindergarten. All schools use the Early Years Learning Framework to plan strategies and programs to support the growth of the whole child including social and emotional development and early literacy and numeracy.

Children’s experiences in the earliest years of their life are critical to their ongoing development. These experiences have a significant impact on their future achievements at school and the extent to which they are able to take advantage of opportunities later in life.

We know that support and intervention before children begin school is likely to be more effective in achieving success than trying to do things to help children ‘catch up’ once they are at school.

At LiL you will see teachers, parents and children playing alongside, having fun and learning together through experiences such as baby massage, out and about exploring the local community, music sessions, physical activities, water awareness, and Dad’s groups. LiL uses quality learning environments to promote children’s learning through play.