At Tasman District School we are focused on promoting the Department of Education’s commitment Together we inspire and support all learners to succeed as connected, resilient, creative and curious thinkers as well as our own aligned vision of Respectful, innovative, engaged citizens .  We actively promote the our school values of Learning, Excellence, Equity, Respect and Relationships.

Our staff work together as a professional learning community who engage in regular collaboration to ensure all our programs are of a high quality and based on research into what has a high impact on student achievement. Staff are highly data literate and use data to inform and improve professional practice and respond to students who need intervention and enrichment. Our focus is on consistent instruction across the whole school from K-12 based on our professional learning with John Hattie’s research into Visible Learning.

Through our work with Visible Learning we have developed a set of Learning Dispositions that we acknowledge across the school.

Brave Focussed Organised Curious Ambitious


Take responsible risks


Open Minded



Work Hard

Effort creates success

Set Goals



Self Management



Ready to Learn

On time

Plan ahead



Open to new learning

Self motivated


Gather data through all senses

Embrace Challenge

Practice makes progress


Forward thinking

Think Flexibly

Imagine and innovate

These learning dispositions create a vision for learning and achievement across all we do through our classes and programs at Tasman District School. Our aim is for our students to embrace the dispositions for learning throughout their lives and continue to be respectful, innovative, engaged citizens.

The Australian Curriculum is being implemented at Tasman District School with students benefiting from the high quality teaching coupled with a stunning location and rich history of the area. Teachers draw on the location and history to present students with authentic and engaging learning opportunities.  We work closely with the community with strong links to Tasman Health and Community Services, Tasman Council, Tasman and Dunalley Neighbourhood House and Port Arthur Historic Site. 

Digital technologies feature prominently at Tasman with a range of devices and applications being used to support learning. Digital citizenship is taught explicitly through Primary and Secondary to ensure appropriate use of technologies. 

Celebrating achievement is part of our school culture is reflected in our newsletter, at whole school assemblies and during staff meetings. We pride ourselves on knowing our students individually and setting pathways for them and inspiring them for their future. We have many exciting projects coming up through agriculture, digital technologies and industry partnerships.

We would welcome the opportunity to show you around our wonderful school site. 

Ted Barrance