Students and their parents are encouraged to speak initially to the classroom teacher in Primary School and their Tutor Group teacher in High School if they are having issues or need support. Alternatively Senior Staff are available to support the needs of students and to arrange with the support teacher the appropriate support needed.

Support teacher

Our school is allocated a Support teacher based on student needs. Our Support teacher works Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday and coordinates all information and programs associated with Speech therapy, Social Work or School Psychologist.

Teacher Assistants (TA)

Our school benefits from highly skilled and supportive TAs across k – 12. The TAs assist students and teachers to ensure our programs meet the needs of all students no matter their ability. They play a vital role in assisting in the education process for all students and have a wide range of skills that are utilised to the best of their abilities. Students who receive funding on the SDR (severe disabilities register) or have funding associated to their learning plans receive in class and individual support across the school.

Speech Therapy

A speech therapist visits the school weekly to assess language and speech problems. Speech Therapy is provided according to student needs. Parents who wish to have their child’s speech assessed are asked to contact the class teacher first then the Support teacher will arrange time to meet and discuss the needs of your child.

School Psychologist

Our School Psychologist visits one day a week and any assessments require parental consent.

Social Worker

Our Social Worker visits one day a week and works with parents and students.

School Health Nurse

School health nurses are a commitment by the Department of Education to get Primary health care support to our students and school communities. Our school has a health nurse who visits us every Tuesday and alternate Monday and Thursdays.